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Hurricane Sandy is predicted to be one of the largest, and possibly the largest storm to new york flood damagehit the north eastern coast of the U.S. in recorded history. A collision between Sandy and two winter weather fronts somewhere close to the New York New Jersey coastline is expected to produce what has been termed a Frenkenstorm; the clashing weather fronts are expected to drive the hurricane inland and cause damage to property generally unprepared for such a catastrophe.In the aftermath of the expected hurricane water damage restoration companies will play a prominent role in making properties inhabitable again and reducing the effects of water damage on a property and the health of the occupants.

The insurance sector of the U.S. is already bracing for the surge in homeowners insurance claims that are sure to follow the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. People with policies that cover flood damage to their homes and commercial properties will be able to employ water damage restoration firms with the majority of the cost covered by an insurance company. Water damage restoration professionals enter a property in the immediate aftermath of a flood of any kind and are responsible for ensuring all flood waters are removed from the property. In the case of Hurricane Sandy properties close to the shoreline between the states of North Carolina and Massachusetts are bracing for an expected storm surge of ocean waters of at least between four and eight feet; waves produced by the hurricane strength winds are expected to reach 20 feet and cause extensive flood damage to low lying areas. Flood damage could also stretch inland as up to two feet od snow is expected in areas of West Virginia that could also experience heavy rains as the storm passes over the region.

Water Damage Restoration CompanyAlongside water removal a restoration company will also take responsibility for ensuring the safety of the home by assessing the structural integrity of a building; surging ocean waters can shift a building from its foundations and cause cracking of important structural areas around the base of a home or commercial property. After ensuring the structure is safe and the flood waters have been removed a water damage restoration company will then set to work ensuring the property is safe to be inhabited. Following a flood it is possible for mold spores to form in the wet areas of a building and grow as organic material moved into the property by the flood serves as food; mold spores can damage both a property and the health of inhabitants. Water damage restoration professionals will ensure all the property and possessions of a customer are dried propfessionally and any build up of humidity that quickens mold growth is removed. Most companies will test for mold and decontaminate any areas showing evidence of mold growth.

In terms of the loss of possessions water damage restoration companies often assist with the drying and reclaiming of water damaged documents and prized possessions. They will also dry and clean carpets and upholstery to ensure no contaminated materials remain in a property.